Alcohol – 3rd Leading Cause of Death

A drunk in a bar.A recent article in the “Addiction Today” magazine highlights alcohol as one of the leading risk factors in death among men aged 15-59.

It goes on to discuss the role of organisations such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) in helping to treat people suffering from an alcohol problem.

Addiction Today – Empirical Awakening

Although AA is recognised by many as a valid treatment option, there are still many misconceptions that keep some people away. For example, it is often viewed – incorrectly – as a religious organisation that is unsuitable for athiests, when in fact the 12-step program can easily be adapted to fit in with a person’s existing beliefs.

Another problem is that the anonymous nature of AA is the very aspect that has made it difficult to properly measure the methods and successes of the program.

Prevailing opinions of AA and 12-step programs are becoming more positive, however, and there seems to be diminishing resistance to presenting counselling groups as a valid treatment option.

Any addiction treatment decisions, of course, will usually benefit from an initial discussion with your GP.

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One thought on “Alcohol – 3rd Leading Cause of Death

  1. I suffered from alcohol addiction as a very young adult. I was also involved with drugs as well but alcohol was my drug of choice. I ended up getting sober at 17 years old. If I hadn’t done that I am sure that I would either be dead or leading a miserable existence. I got clean and sober with the help of New Life House. I recommend this place to anyone as it saved my life! Check out their website if you are looking for some help

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