Appreciation for Addictions UK

I used the services of Addictions UK to rid me of the need for alcohol in my daily life. I would not use other available provision as it did not provide anonymity and because also I was ashamed.

Here was a woman who had everything, love, security well educated but plenty of time on my hands (having worked hard all of my life) and the funds to indulge in my habit. What else could I need you may ask.

I will tell you, peace of mind.

It was a vicious circle no real worries and nothing to fill the void that comes with having time on your hands so drink became my best pal. I had a long way to go to realise this would be my downfall and I nearly lost everything I hold dear, the love and respect of my family. Addictions UK sorted out my racing brain syndrome and because I know that I still have their ongoing support I lead a very productive life.

Since being sober I have a new lifestyle, different business and with the support and love of all around me. Thanks to Addictions UK

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