Seeking Shoplifting Addicts

A woman in the act of shoplifting.TV Company seeks person with a shoplifting addiction:

Can you help?

Do you shoplift for no financial gain? Have you a problem resisting the temptation to shoplift?  Might you have an addiction to shoplifting? Would you welcome three months free treatment with Addictions UK?  Would you like the opportunity to explain your illness on a National UK TV Channel?

We have been approached by a production company who would like to work with an 18 to 35 year old in a documentary about Pathological Shoplifting and Kleptomania Addiction.

The project would be ethical at all times and nothing would be deliberately done to harm the client’s interests. The client would be involved closely with decision making throughout the making of the programme.

Should the TV programme be broadcast we have been promised that the TV Production Company is willing to fund the client’s three months programme of recovery treatment with Addictions UK.

If you are interested or know someone for whom this could be of benefit please contact Addictions UK online or telephone 0845 4567 030.

  • Addictions UK has no editorial or management responsibility for this TV Programme.
  • Addictions UK specialised in treatment for a wide range of addiction including Shoplifting, Shopping, Pornography, Sex and Love, Gambling and Drugs and Alcohol Addictions.  If you have a problem please telephone us on the above telephone number or through our website
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